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Corporate Partnered Research

For 25 years, EMF’s directed research program has linked companies and foundations with researchers who study the impact and effectiveness of emergency care on all fronts.

Your company determines the scope and goals of the proposed research project and provides the funding. EMF provides a turn-key management system for two possible grant structures:

  • Partner determines a specific set of research criteria and EMF identifies a physician to conduct research. (this option is tailored and can begin with 1-2 months)
  • Partner determines research question to be studied and works with EMF to develop an RFP that is promoted among emergency physicians. (this option is explained in the timeline)

As a company, you determine an area you would like studied and how much you would like to spend to answer the questions. EMF handles the rest. A 15% administration fee is factored into the project to support our indirect costs and staff time.

1 month

(typically  begins in Oct)

  • Corporate/foundation underwriter and Scientific Review Subcommittee (SRS) develop and define scope of potential research project and budget.
  • Proposed scope of project is reviewed and approved by EMF Board of Trustees. 

1-2 months

  • EMF staff and SRS draft Request for Proposal (RFP).
  • Corporate/foundation underwriter reviews and approves final draft of RFP.
  • Corporate/foundation underwriter sends full grant funds and 15% administrative fee to EMF. 

2-3 months

  • EMF promotes RFP to emergency medicine community allowing several months to ensure a sufficient number of competitive applications received. 

1 month

(typically awarded July)

  • Applications received. SRS scores each proposal in accordance with RFP guidelines and determines which grants are in the fundable range and forwards recommendation to EMF Board of Trustees.
  • EMF Board of Trustees reviews and approves top scoring grant
  • EMF awards grant.  EMF staff provides corporate/foundation underwriter with detailed information about grant selected. The first half of funds released to the grantee. 

Note: To ensure non-biased research, corporate/foundation underwriter is unable to take part in selection or approval of grantee(s). EMF Board of Trustees reserves full rights for final approval of grantee selection.

6 months

  • EMF receives a 6-month progress report from grantee for approval by EMF staff and Scientific Review Subcommittee.  If approved, EMF releases second half of funds. 
  • EMF provides 6-month progress report to corporate/foundation underwriter.
  • A Grantee Workshop is hosted where EMF-funded researchers receive feedback and guidance from mentors and peers as well as direct engagement with NIH program officers.  

6 months

( typically completed June)

  • EMF receives a 12-month (final) progress report from grantee for approval.

Note:  If the grant period is longer than 12 months, reports are due every 6 months. 

2 months


  • EMF provides final, approved progress report to agency/corporate/foundation underwriter.
  • Grantee presents a poster presentation of research results at ACEP’s Research Forum and publishes the abstract in Annals of Emergency Medicine