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Last year, more than 150 million people visited the emergency department. As emergency physicians, we invest in research to improve the care of our patients and the practice of our physicians.


New at EMF

Our grants launch careers


The EMF Resident Research Grant I received provided the preliminary data for a successful Individual Research Service Award (F32) grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS). Through my research experiences as a resident and fellow and the training afforded by the F32 grant, I successfully obtained a K08 Mentored Career Development Grant from AHRQ. The EMF Resident Research Grants provided the foundation for future research successes!

--Jody A. Vogel, MD, MSc, MSW; University of Colorado


Our grants change practice


The EMF Knowledge Translation Grant has allowed me to expand my area of research expertise to now include dissemination and implementation studies instead of just diagnostic efficacy studies. This is very exciting to me because understanding the barriers to adopting new diagnostic protocols is essential for their widespread dissemination. 

 -- Michael D. Repplinger, MD, PhD; Assistant Professor (tenure); University of Wisconsin - Madison