Current Grantees

Each year, the Emergency  Medicine Foundation awards grants to research projects that improve the practice of emergency medicine, that fund gaps in current emergency medicine research and that define the trends in our specialty.

This year, because of your generosity, EMF awarded $1,797,379.72 in clinical and health policy grants. Throughout its 44-year history, EMF has never awarded more. And since its inception, EMF has given more than $14 million to fund research in emergency medicine. Please continue to include EMF in your philanthropic efforts. 

Past Grantees 

EMF EMBRS Scholarship Winners 


EMF/Alexza Treating Agitation in the Emergency Department

Michael Wilson, MD, PhD

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Leslie S. Zun, MD, FACEP

Sinai Health System, Chicago, IL

$490,000 over two years

A randomized double-blind multicenter double-dummy non-inferiority trial of loxapine and intramuscular haloperidol + lorazepam  


EMF Research Fellowship

Utsav Nandi, MD

University of Mississippi Medical Center

$150,000 over two years

Developing syndecan-1 as a biomarker to identify sepsis patients at risk from excessive fluid resuscitation


EMF Patient Centered Outcomes Research

Jana L. Anderson, MD

Mayo Clinic

$100,000 over two years 

Shared Decision Making in Parents of Children with Acute Otitis Media: The Acute Otitis Media Choice Trial


EMF/EMAF Health Policy Scholar

Jessica E. Galarraga, MD, MPH

MedStar Washington Hospital Center, Medstar Health Research Institute, Georgetown University School of Medicine


An Evaluation of a Payment Reform Experiment: The Effects of Global Budgets on Emergency Department Admissions and Associated Healthcare Costs


Michelle Lin, MD, MPH

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai


Anticipated Impact of Alternative Payment Models for Emergency Medicine


EMF/AAHF Emergency Department Planning, Operations and Design

Jennifer L Wiler, MD, MBA, FACEP

Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Colorado School of Medicine

James Lennon, AIA, ACHA

Architect Principal, James Lennon Associates


Designing Emergency Departments to Provide Efficient, Patient-Centered Care: An Analysis of Split Flow and Sub-Waiting Area Models


EMF Basic Science and Clinical Research Innovation

Michael C. Kurz, MD, MS, FACEP, FAHA

University of Alabama at Birmingham, Department of Emergency Medicine


Coagulation Irregularities Resulting from Cardiac Arrest (CIRCA) 


EMF Career Development

Murtaza Akhter, MD

University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix


Gene Expression Profile of Rod Microglia in Traumatic Brain Injury


Kei Ouchi, MD

Brigham and Women's Hospital


My Value in Care: Activating Older Adults with Serious Illness in the Emergency Department to Formulate Their Goals for Medical Care


EMF Knowledge Translation Research

Michael D. Repplinger, MD, PhD, FACEP

University of Wisconsin – Madison


Identifying barriers and facilitators to the implementation of radiation-free imaging protocols in the emergency department 


EMF Health Policy

Jeremiah Schuur, MD, MHS, FACEP

Brigham and Women's Hospital


Early Adoption of Alternative Payment Models for Emergency Medical Care: A Mixed Methods Study of Accountable Care Organizations


Nancy Ewen Wang, MD, FACEP

Stanford University School of Medicine


Disparities in Access and Outcomes in Pediatric Trauma – How are we doing?


EMF/ENA Foundation Team Research

Kristin L. Rising, MD MS

Angela M. Gerolamo, PhD, APRN, BC

Thomas Jefferson University


Measuring Patient Uncertainty During Acute Care 

Lynne D. Richardson, MD, FACEP 

Kimberly Souffront, PhD, FNP-BC

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Department of Emergency Medicine


EHR innovations to improve referral for asymptomatic HTN in the emergency department 

EMF/CORD Education Research

Ashish Panchal, MD, PhD

Ohio State


Airway Management: Determining Mastery Performance Standards in Emergency Medicine Resident Physicians


EMF/NIDA Training

Eric Gruber, MD

Cooper University Hospital 


Development of a Sustainable Curriculum on Substance Use Disorders (SUD) for Emergency Medicine Residents at Cooper University Hospital


Howard Kim, MD

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine


ED Provider Perspectives on Analgesic Prescribing Choice: A Focus on Benzodiazepine-Opioid Co-Prescribing


EMF/EMRA Critical Care Resident Research

Kenneth W. Dodd, MD

Hennepin County Medical Center


Measurement of Cerebral Oxygenation, Oximetry, and Activity in a Porcine Model of Optimized, Head-­‐Up Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

EMF/EMRA Resident Research

David Silvestri, MD, MBA 

Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School


Demographics to Diagnosis: Predicting Outcomes among Emergency Care Patients at Addis Ababa Government Hospitals—the Ethiopia Emergency Care Research Network (ETHerNET)


Xiao Chi Zhang, MD, MS

Rhode Island Hospital


Healthcare-Experience Survey Assessment in the Rhode Island Cambodian Community


EMF/Medical Toxicology Foundation Research

Christina L. Nussbaum, MD

Brody School of Medicine/Vidant Medical Center at East Carolina University


Naltrexone as an Antidote to Prevent Delayed Neuropsychological Disabilities from Acute Poisoning with Sarin Analogue Diisopropylfluorophosphate


EMF International Emergency Medicine Outcomes and Efficacy Research

Donna Venezia, MD, FACEP

Stony Brook Medical Center, Stony Brook, NY


The Impact of Non-Physician Prescribed Medications on Health Care in Cambodia


Naz Karim, MD, MHA

Rhode Island Hospital


Evaluating the Impact of a Prehospital Needs Assessment and Training Intervention on Process Indicators and Outcomes Amongst Prehospital Patients in Rwanda


Christina Bloem, MD, MPH

SUNY Downstate Medical Center


Evaluation of the Impact of Point-of-Care Ultrasound Imaging in Under-resourced Hospitals in the North East Department of Haiti


EMF/SAEMF Medical Student Research

Krishan K. Sharma, BA

Harvard Medical School


Evaluation of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Patients Enrolled in the Protocolized Care for Early Septic Shock (ProCESS) Trial


Adrienne L. Vickers

University of Alabama at Birmingham, Department of Emergency Medicine


Epidemiology of Emergency Department Lumbar Punctures in the United States


Emergency Medicine Basic Research Skills

Joan Papp, MD, FACEP

Metro Health Medical Center


Take-home naloxone rescue kits following heroin overdose in the emergency department to prevent opioid overdose related repeat ED visits, hospitalization and death - a pilot study


Joseph Herres, DO

Albert Einstein Medical Center


Adjunctive nitrous oxide to lidocaine anesthesia during ED incision and drainage of abscess in adults: a randomized controlled trial


EMF/SAEM Aging Research (GEMSSTAR)

Scott Dresden, MD, MS, FACEP

Northwestern University


Effects of a dedicated nurse liaison intervention for geriatric patients in the emergency department


EMF/HFSA/Acute Heart Failure Young Investigator

Junior Investigator: Anna Marie Chang, MD, MCSE

Senior Investigator: David J. Whellan, MD, MHS

Thomas Jefferson University


Jefferson ED/Observation Unit Telehealth Transition of care for Heart failure (JETTHF)


Junior Investigator: Joseph R. Pare, MD, RDMS

Senior Investigator: Flora Sam, MD

Boston University School of Medicine


CRUSH STUDY: Calculating Readmission Risk by Ultrasound for Heart Failure Study