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Grantees 1996-1997

Center of Excellence

Steven C. Dronen, MD
The University of Michigan Emergency Medicine
$249,302 over 3 years
Characterization of the Pathophysiology of Acute Hemorrhage and Its Resuscitation

Career Development

E. Bradshaw Bunney, MD
University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Emergency Medicine
Cocaethylene, Cocaine and Ethanol: Effects on VTA Dopamine Neurons

Gary B. Green, MD, MPH, FACEP
Johns Hopkins Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine
Cost Effectiveness of Laboratory Markers of Myocardial Injury

Teresa Mary Herbert, MD
Strong Memorial Hospital University of Rochester Emergency Department
An Analysis of High Utilizers of the Pediatric Emergency Department

Demetrios N. Kyriacou, MD, MPH, FACEP
Olive View-UCLA Medical Center
Multi-Centered Emergency Department-Based Study of Risk Factors for Acute Injury from Domestic Violence Against Women

Research Fellowship

Frederick Beddingfield, MD
UCLA Emergency Medicine Center UCLA School of Medicine
Evaluation of Appropriateness and Outcomes of Delayed Care of Emergency Department Patients - A Prospective, Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trial

Randall Berlin, MD
Oregon Health Sciences University
Outcomes After Serious Poisoning in the United States

Directed Research – Cardiovascular

Rashmi U. Kothari, MD, FACEP
University of Cincinnati Medical Center Department of Emergency Medicine
Stroke Recognition: A Prehospital Stroke Scale

Robert J. Zalenski, MD, FACEP
Wayne State University Department of Emergency Medicine
Myocardial Perfusion Scanning in Patients with Suspected Cardiac Ischemia

Resident Research

Teresa Ainsworth, MD
University of Rochester Medical Center Department of Emergency Medicine
Can Neurobehavior Testing Identify Emergency Patients at Risk for Post-Concussive Syndrome Following Mild Head Injury?

Sangeeta A. Desai, MD
Georgetown University Department of Emergency Medicine
Utility of Continuous Noninvasive Bio-impedance Hemodynamic Monitoring for Emergency Department Therapy of Heart Failure Patients

James M. Leaming, MD
SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse Department of Emergency Medicine
Glottal Area Patency During Experimental Cortical Seizures

Christopher A. Lipinski, MD
Center for Emergency Medicine
The Effects of Normoxia and 21-Aminosteriod Antioxidants on Cerebral Injury After Cardiac Arrest in Rats

Donovan Thompson, MD
Grace Hospital/WSU School of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine
Outcome Evaluation of Central Venous Oxygen Saturation Measurements

EMF/SAEM Medical Student Research

Nathan C. Hall, PhD
University of Cincinnati Medical Center Department of Emergency Medicine
Edema Reduction and White Matter Protection Following Treatment with a Phenylnitrone Spin Trap in Experimental Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Caroline Han
Georgetown University Department of Emergency Medicine
Early Prediction of Positive Culture Results in the ED by Hyperlactatemia in Pediatric Occult Bacteremia Patients

Michael L. Martino
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
The Effects of a Combined Nitroprusside Supplementation and Nitric Oxide Synthase Inhibition in a Porcine Model of Septic Shock

EMF/SAEM Innovation in Medical Education

Jeffrey Bazarian, MD
University of Rochester Medical Center
Does a Highly Structured, Evidence-Based Journal Club Improve Emergency Medicine Residents' Critical Appraisal Skills?

Jane M. Lavelle, MD
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
The Use of Mock Resuscitation with an Ancillary Curriculum and Workshops to Enhance Resident Resuscitation Knowledge, Skill and Confidence

Jessica Macnab, MD, CCFP
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
A Proposal to Develop and Evaluate a Self-Directed Computer Interactive Training Program in Radiology for Emergency Physicians

Douglas Yoshida, MD
San Francisco General Hospital
Basic Wound and Laceration Care - An Interactive Tutorial

Ronald Moscati, MD, FACEP
Erie County Medical Center
Enhancement of Emergency Medicine Training Through the Use of a World Wide Web Site


Jorie D. Klein, ADN, RN and Ellen Taliaferro, MD, FACEP
Parkland Memorial Hospital
Family Presence During Resuscitation/Invasive Procedure

Suzanne Metcalfe, RN and David Slobodkin, MD, FACEP
Cook County Hospital
Vaccination of Emergency Department Patients Against Influenza

Creativity & Innovation in Emergency Medicine

Lesa D. Fraker, MD, PhD, FACEP
University of Illinois at Chicago
Development of an Innovative Model for Screening Inotropic Drugs in Human Heart Tissue

Community Hospital in Emergency Medicine

David Shragge, MD, FRCP(C)
Misericordia Community Health Centre
Training the Community Disaster Planning Team: Is it Effective? Towards an Objective Evidence Based Evaluation