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Endowment Donors

The research you need doesn’t fund Itself

Thanks to 46 years of donor generosity, EMF has been able to fund practice-changing, emergency medicine research. The projects in which we invest test new methodology, change the course of practice and improve the care of patients. ACEP’s forefathers established EMF to ensure that research would always guide practice – it’s time now time that we plan for the next 50 years.

Gifts towards EMF’s endowment are an investment in emergency medicine for those whose careers are to come.

Donate Now

NOTE: On the donation page, section to "choose your designation." On the blank line, enter "ENDOWMENT CAMPAIGN" 

 We Gratefully Acknowledge our Endowment Donors

Nancy J Auer, MD, FACEP
Brooks F Bock, MD, FACEP, Endowment Campaign Chair
Michael L Carius, MD, FACEP
Wesley A Curry, MD, FACEP
James and Dorothy Downing
Peter M Fahrney, MD, FACEP(E)
Gregory L Henry, MD, FACEP
Progressive Emergency Physicians
Leonard M Riggs, Jr, MD, FACEP
Andrew Sama, MD, FACEP
Robert W Schafermeyer, MD, FACEP
David C Seaberg, MD, CPE, FACEP
Richard L Stennes, MD, MBA, FACEP
Arlo F Weltge, MD, MPH, FACEP