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SAVE THE DATE: December 13, 2017 - 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

The Coalition on Psychiatric Emergencies is presenting half day, parallel workshops for personnel in emergency medicine and emergency psychiatry.  These interactive, case-based workshops will focus on providing you with specific knowledge and skills for managing behavioral and medical emergencies.  Held at the Hyatt Ganey Ranch, in Scottsdale AZ.   

CME provided.  

  • Critical Topics in Behavioral Emergencies for Emergency Physicians: Case Reviews 
    • Approach to the Psychiatric Patient in the ED - Rachel Lipson Glick, MD
    • Communicating Difficult News - Jon Berlin, MD 
    • Mitigating Psychiatric Risk in the ED: The Middle of the Night Case Calls - Jennifer Peltzer-Jones, PsyD, RN
    • Advanced Interviewing Techniquest - David Pepper, MD 
    • Cognitive Assessments Assessing Competency for Evaluation and Treatment - Leslie S. Zun, MD, MBA 
    • Verbal De-escalation and Calming Techniques In the Management of Agitation - Scott Zeller, MD 
    • Caring for the care providers - Anthony Ng, MD 
    • Psychological Effects of Disasters, Mass Casualty Situations and Trauma for Emergency Room Physicians - Cassandra Snipes, MD  
  • Critical Topics in Emergency Care for Psychiatrists: Case Reviews  
    • Medical Triage Process - Leslie S. Zun, MD, MBA 
    • EMTALA and Transfer Processes - Sandy Schneider, MD 
    • Mass Casualty Events and the Psychiatric Specialist - John Casey, DO, MA 
    • Promoting Health Crisis Systems of Care: Practical Application in Sub-Acute Stabilization - Travis Atkinson, MS, LPC 
    • Legal and Ethical Considerations in Placement Issues - Nidal Moukaddam, MD, PhD
    • System Management - Les Zun, MD, MBA
    • Emergency Department Workplace Violence - Eric Cortez, MD 
    • Medico-legal risks of the Extremely Agitated Patient - Gary Vilke, MD 

$150 for non-members of the Coalition and is $100 for members of the Coalition and their sponsoring organizations.  Faculty includes Dr. Les Zun, Dr. Sandy Schneider, Dr. Scott Zeller, Dr. Rachel Glick and many others.  The Course Director is Dr. Les Zun.  Support in part from Magellan Healthcare.  

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The increasing presence of psychiatric emergencies in the ER is raising hospital costs, draining resources and negatively impacting patients. Currently there is no universal way to treat these emergencies in the ER. A lack of a universal treatment model often results in patients being physically or chemically restrained, which can be traumatizing for the patient and costly for the hospital.  

 It’s time we think about doing things differently—that’s why ER doctors,  patient advocates, nurses and psychiatrists are coming together to create a new organization -  the Coalition on Psychiatric Emergencies.  Through this unique collaboration we will focus on solutions and how best to develop more unified treatment models and improve the treatment experience for patients and for healthcare providers. 

This Coalition is made up of a group of more than 30 national leaders in emergency medicine, psychiatry and patient advocacy who are focused on improving the treatment of psychiatric emergencies for patients and emergency providers. The Coalition is run by the Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF), a 501 (c)3 organization.

The overarching goals of the Coalition are not only to bring awareness and recognition to the national challenges surrounding psychiatric emergencies in the United States, but also to work collaboratively to address these problems and create change. It hopes to improve patient care for psychiatric/behavioral emergencies through collaboration and will focus specifically on:


  • Developing a continuum of care, to include prevention and aftercare
  • Ensuring education and training for emergency staff who care for patients 
  • Improving the treatment experience for patients and staff during a psychiatric emergency
  • Driving improved quality and safety of diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric emergencies
  • Decreasing boarding of psychiatric patients in emergency departments
  • Ensuring adequate funding and resources for treating psychiatric emergencies
  • Advancing the research around psychiatric emergencies 







The initiative stemmed from a psychiatric emergency summit in December 2014 where nurses, emergency physicians and patient advocates gathered for the first time to collectively discuss the current troubling state of psychiatric emergencies within the ER. 

Current Members:


  • American Academy of Emergency Medicine
  • American Association for Emergency Psychiatry
  • American College of Emergency Physicians
  • American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians
  • American Psychiatric Nurses Association
  • American Society for Healthcare Risk Management
  • College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists
  • Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
  • Emergency Nurse Association
  • Hospital Corporation of America
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness
  • National Council on Behavioral Health
  • New Directions Behavioral Health

Support for this Coalition was made possible through support from Teva Pharmaceuticals, Alexza, Galen, Magellan Healthcare and New Directions Behavioral Health.


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