2013 ED Director of the Year

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Dr. Savoy Brummer -

The 2013 Emergency Department Director of the Year Award

Dr. Savoy Brummer accepted the award for Emergency Department Director of the Year on April 29 and told audience members in his speech that the specialty will succeed in a challenging health care climate because that’s what emergency physicians do.

“Maintaining this mission, maintaining our passion, has been able to allow our specialty to evolve and grow in its structure and integrity and outreach,” said Dr. Brummer, the Medical Director at Memorial Hospital in Belleville, Ill., which is part of the St. Louis metropolitan area. “We’ve gone from a specialty that provided a safety net to patients to indeed being the skeleton and foundation for hospital deliverables.”

Blue Jay Consulting, in collaboration with ACEP and the Emergency Medicine Foundation, recognizes ED Director of the Year to an individual who have demonstrates exemplary collaborative skills in the emergency department. This collaboration is vital to producing the highest quality of patient care.

Dr. Bummer took home the fourth annual award largely because of his work since arriving at Memorial Hospital in January 2012. Working with all departments in the hospital and with input from numerous staff members, Dr. Brummer not only decreased patient wait times, he increased the number of board-certified emergency medicine specialists in his department. He also worked with nearby St. Louis University to establish a residency program for third- and fourth-year students and serves as residency coordinator. Dr. Brummer found time outside the hospital to work with local youth sports programs to increase coverage at games and practices while making parents and coaches aware of the dangers of concussions.

In addition to his duties as Medical Director, Dr. Brummer participates and chairs numerous hospital, community and civic organizations, including The Boule and Mound City Medical forum.

At the ED Director of the Year ceremony, held at the Omni Hotel in Dallas in conjunction with the Emergency Department Director’s Academy, a video introduced the audience of about 100 to colleagues of Dr. Brummer, who praised him for the willingness to help in any situation, no matter how small. After the video, Dr. Brummer spoke about going through a crucible when first taking over his position. But after fighting through the difficult set of circumstances, he was able to emerge with a renewed sense of energy and focus.

Dr. Brummer, who sat with family and members of the ACEP, EMF and Blue Jay, thanked his wife for helping him get through challenges.

He said emergency medicine is going through its own set of challenges. But the specialty, too, will emerge from the crucible.

“We’ve always been the voice of the voiceless, the champions of the powerless,” he said. “That has been our core ethos. There’s a reverence in what we do. That’s why it’s the best job in America.”

Dr. Brummer gave credit to his staff as well, saying that the improved wait times and patient satisfaction scores are a result of a team effort. 

“I’m just amazed at the individuals that have come to be a part of the process…we’ve been able to recruit amazing physicians and nurses and administration, all who have chosen to really be a part of the process from Day One,” he said. “I’m inspired every day when I come to work. I am proud of the team. They give me an inner sense of strength.”

Dr. Brummer serves as Vice President of Practice Development for CEP America and is the Chair-Elect for the ACEP Democratic Group Practice Section.

Before working with CEP America, Dr. Brummer served as an executive for several national organizations as Vice President of Business Development and was a national emergency medicine operational consultant. Dr. Brummer's professional interests include promoting the democratic practice model across the acute care continuum of hospital based services, creating value based and fee for service financial models for hospital based services operations, patient advocacy, and community empowerment. 

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