EMF Education

EMF realizes the value that education plays in helping current and future generations of emergency medicine physicians stay ahead of trends in medicine and healthcare and be prepared for each case presented in the emergency department.

Through programs, workshops and surveys, EMF provides guidance and insight to improve the practice of emergency medicine and strengthen our specialty. Among these are:

ACEP Teaching Fellowship Program provides training in curriculum development and instruction, teaching methods and evaluation, academic survival skills, as well as administration and management for emergency medicine practitioners.

The EMF/ACEP Emergency Medicine Basic Research Skills Workshop teaches students how to identify and respond to clinical research opportunities, become familiar with health care delivery and effectiveness research, learn how to utilize statistics and statistical software, and gain insight into methods on publishing and presenting research.

Pay It Forward

Emergency medicine researchers receive an additional benefit from the Emergency Medicine Foundation. EMF funds have launched the careers of many of our most respected and published researchers in emergency medicine. EMF-funded researchers are likely to receive NIH and other funding to continue to strengthen our practice and help physicians deliver exceptional emergency care.

Your gift today has a ripple effect in impacting emergency medicine.