Directed Grant Opps

EMF’s directed research program links companies and foundations with researchers. As a company, you determine an area you would like studied, how much you would like to spend to answer the questions and EMF handles the rest.


Implemented in 1995, our directed research program links companies and foundations with researchers. You determine the scope of the project and EMF handles the rest. For the EMF directed research program, the corporation fully underwrites the grant project, while EMF provides a turn-key management system.


  1. Corporation and the ACEP Scientific Review Subcommittee (SRS) develop and define the scope of the desired potential research project and amount to be awarded.
  2. The proposed scope of the project will be reviewed and approved by the EMF Board of Trustees. 
  3. EMF staff and the Scientific Review Subcommittee will draft the Request for Proposal (RFP). *Allow 1-2 months for creation of RFP.
  4. Corporation reviews and approves the RFP. 
  5. Corporation sends the full funds to EMF.
  6. EMF promotes the RFP to the emergency medicine community. (ACEP Now,,,, etc.) *Allow 4-6 months for posting to ensure adequate time for the submission of a sufficient number of competitive grants.
  7. The Scientific Review Subcommittee scores all the proposals and recommendations for funding in accordance with the RFP. The Scientific Review Subcommittee determines which grants are in the fundable range and forwards recommendation to the EMF Board of Trustees. *Allow 2 months for the review. 
  8. The EMF Board of Trustees will review the top scoring grant for funding approval. *Allow 1 month.
  9. EMF Board of Trustees reserves full rights for final approval of the grantee selection. To ensure non-biased research, the corporate/foundation underwriter is unable to take part in the selection or approval of the grantee(s).
  10. EMF staff will provide Corporation with detailed information about the grant selected. 
  11. EMF will disburse the first half of the funds to the grantee selected.
  12. EMF will be given a 6-month progress report by the grantee for approval by EMF staff and Scientific Review Subcommittee. If approved, EMF releases second half of funds. 
  13. EMF will provide the 6-month approved progress report to the corporate/foundation underwriter.
  14. EMF will be given a final progress report by the grantee for approval at the end of 12 months.
  15. EMF will provide the final approved progress report to the corporate/foundation underwriter. *Allow 2 months after completion of project.
  16. EMF grantee will present a poster presentation of research results at ACEP’s Scientific Assembly Research Forum and publish the abstract in Annals of Emergency Medicine as required by the RFP. 


Minimum Directed Grant Amount: $50,000
However, grants of $100,000+ generate more excitement and applications from the research community and deliver more substantial outcomes.

In addition, EMF assesses a 15% fee for administering this program, which funds non-directed research grant categories, such as career development, research fellowship, and resident research grants.


The entire process noted above spans a timeframe of 20 months.

For more information, contact Cynthia Singh.