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Physician Group Giving Society

Physician groups have both the responsibility and opportunity to truly impact the specialty of emergency medicine.

Many already pay ACEP member dues for their physician employees. We encourage groups to join the Physician Group Giving Society by enhancing their commitment with a tax-deductible gift to EMF.

EMF funds research that is career-making and practice-changing. With these contributions, EMF is able to fund health policy scholars, primarily focused on policy issues affecting medical care such as payment reform and alternative payment models. The value of this research as well as the other topical research supported by EMF cannot be underestimated.

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Physician Group Giving Society Members

Level I: The Visionaries $10,000+


Level II: The Innovators $5,000+


Level III: The Advocates $2,500

Apollo MD
Burbank Emergency Medical Group, Inc.
Progressive Emergency Physicians